happy bmo push day!

13th Oct 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1172418] user fields are cleared when navigating back to a page (eg. after an error)
  • [1211703] help docs not available for User Preferences
  • [1212721] gravatar container for comment 0 can be too wide
  • [1207379] Button edges are hard to see at most zoom-levels, with bmo “experimental user interface”
  • [1204410] Buttons besides ‘User Story’ overflow if the user story is a one-liner
  • [1181044] linkification isn’t applied to the user-story field
  • [1200765] Make login UX mobile friendly to assist mobile authentication workflow
  • [1202281] BMO login being reset for every browser session
  • [1213033] make the TOTP MFA code field type=number on mobile
  • [1029800] Release Tracking Report doesn’t return bugs with tracking flags set to — when searching for “not fixed” values
  • [1178094] Update crash signatures to match new Socorro signature generation
  • [1150358] cannot remove other people from the cc list
  • [1149899] Remember expanded/collapsed sections
  • [1197805] Always show “never email me about this bug” checkbox
  • [1211891] needinfo requests where the current user is the requestee shouldn’t be editable
  • [1199089] add support for duo-security

discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.