happy bmo push day!

3rd Sep 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1200600] message about 2fa’s interaction with api authentication should be visible when 2fa is enabled
  • [1200610] jsonrpc API requests do not work when “Require API-Key authentication for API requests” is enabled due to missing API tokens
  • [1200618] Layout of the TOTP 2FA leads to missing the token time window and thus frustration
  • [1200957] when a non-admin edits a user the 2fa setting is incorrectly reported
  • [1200974] “API-Key” in 2fa text should be “API key” to match the rest of bugzilla
  • [1196618] add support for group owners
  • [1196508] Intern Request Metric Dashboard
  • [1200961] switching to the modal view doesn’t force the mozilla skin
  • [1201116] remove the duo mobile client from suggested apps due to its lack of handling of expired codes
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