happy bmo push day!

25th Aug 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1195362] Quicksearch error pages (“foo is not a field” and friends) should still fill in search into quicksearch box
  • [1190476] set Comment field in GPG email to the URL of the bug
  • [1195645] don’t create a new session for every authenticated REST/BzAPI call
  • [1197084] No mail sent when bugs added to or removed from *-core-security groups
  • [1196614] restrict the ability for users with editusers/creategroups to alter admins and the admin group
  • [1196092] Switch logincookies primary key to auto_incremented id, make cookie a secondary UNIQUE key
  • [1197699] always store the ip address in the logincookies table
  • [1197696] group_members report doesn’t display nested inherited groups
  • [1196134] add ability for admins to force a user to change their password on next login
  • [1192687] add the ability for users to view and revoke existing sessions
  • [1195836] Remove install-module.pl from bmo
  • [1180733] “An invalid state parameter was passed to the GitHub OAuth2 callback” error when logging in with github
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