happy bmo push day!

13th Aug 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1160929] add support for storing attachments in s3
  • [1190693] Rewrite auth delegation to use a server-side POST instead of a client-side GET to delegate API Key
  • [1184332] Add Restricted API calls for MozReview
  • [1190029] Would like a way to see which groups are ‘secure’ groups in editusers.cgi when diagnosing password reset issues
  • [1193590] Warning about obsolete patches on an unassigned bug
  • [1036872] Bugmail filtering allows through bugmail that should be blocked when combined with the standard email prefs
  • [1192854] change tabs on user preferences from horizontal to vertical layout
  • [1193878] Make a few more fields optional on the intern request form
  • [1192688] add ip to last used api key information
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