happy bmo push day!

21st Jul 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1184454] unable to create new products
  • [1184456] cannot create a new product with ‘detect’ as the default platform
  • [1183899] Restricting access of bugs submitted from the FSA Budget Request form
  • [1184755] Update docker image runtests.sh to clone bmo git repo with full history instead of –depth=1
  • [1180571] remove the ability to search attachment data
  • [1183524] api bustage caused by bug 1173442
  • [1183892] Bugzilla disables browser context menu after showing its username left-click menu
  • [1184984] Current Selenium tests are failing due to changes made by bug 1173442
  • [1184982] The cpanfile generated by checksetup results in an unsuccessful mod_perl install
  • [1185440] activity bound to comments which are default-hidden is not hidden by default
  • [1185455] Remove use of non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in inline-history.js.
  • [1177497] Backport upstreams 5.0 rST docs to BMO and make publicly available at https://bmo.readthedocs.org
  • [1184001] deliver error report to sentry via cron instead of immediately
  • [1180572] create attachment_storage parameter
  • [1185852] sentry.pl should exit early if there aren’t any reports to send
to improve security bugzilla.mozilla.org now serves attachments from a different domain - bmoattachments.org - instead of from a subdomain of bugzilla.mozilla.org. all existing links should continue to work, and will redirect to a bmoattachments.org url.

discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.