happy bmo push day!

14th Jul 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1143132] emails about redirected attachment urls link to attachment-edit instead of the actual url (mozreview, github, etc)
  • [1181410] “To see this bug, you must first log in to an account” link is bright blue on red
  • [1181759] After bug 1181410, test_bug_edit.t is failing due to change in error message wording
  • [1181637] Update Req Opening Process (Cost Center list on 2015-07-08)
  • [1173442] Implement admin UI changes to allow selecting default product security group instead of editing code
  • [1178031] Add an “applies to all platforms” link next to “use my platform”
  • [1182375] unable to create a database from scratch: Unknown column ‘secure_mail’ in ‘field list’
  • [1182387] add bug.votes to api responses
  • [1182498] Assignee not displayed when the assignee’s email address contains “.bugs”
  • [1180880] Make the “URL” field in the new UI more prominent
  • [1182500] Clearing group flag doesn’t work when also moving bug to a different component
  • [1123143] Make Bugzilla link to MozReview link directly to diff instead of review request page.
  • [1182676] form.dev-engagement-event: [existing field modification]
  • [984438] Don’t send ‘Your Overdue Requests’ reminder emails on weekends
  • [1182909] Prevent new accounts from CCing large numbers of users
  • [1180570] store attachment size in the database
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