happy bmo push day!

2nd Jul 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1174057] Authentication Delegation should add an App ID column to associate api keys with specific callbacks
  • [1163761] Allow MozReview to skip user consent screen for Authentication Delegation
  • [825946] tracking flags should be cleared when a bug is moved to a product/component where they are not valid
  • [1149593] Hovering over “Copy Summary” changes the button to a grey box
  • [1171523] Change Loop product to Hello
  • [1175928] flag changes made at the same time as a cc change are not visible without showing cc changes
  • [1175644] The cpanfile created by checksetup.pl defines the same feature multiple times, breaking cpanm
  • [1176362] [Voting] When a user votes enough to confirm an individual bug, the bug does not change to CONFIRMED properly
  • [1176368] [Voting] When updating votestoconfirm to a new value, bugs with enough votes are not moved to CONFIRMED properly
  • [1161797] Use document.execCommand(“copy”) instead of flash where it is available
  • [1177239] Please create a “Taskcluster Platform” product
  • [1144485] Adapt upstream Selenium test suite to BMO
  • [1178301] webservice_bug_update.t Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 927 tests but ran 921
  • [1163170] Giving firefox-backlog-drivers rights to edit the Rank field anywhere it appears in bugzilla
  • [1171758] Persistent xss is possible on Firefox
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