happy bmo push day!

9th Jun 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1170922] unable to collapse comments – they bounce back open
  • [1146772] alternative comment ordering isn’t supported (newest first, etc)
  • [1146781] implement the “ignore bug mail” checkbox
  • [1170796] making the Rank field appear for more products
  • [1170414] Redirection loop in *.cgi when path-info is present
  • [1171074] Removing a custom field does not clear config memcache
  • [1170179] Do not automatically set ‘firefox-affected’ release-tracking flags for comm-central products.
  • [1171471] Product Mozilla Services should be Cloud Services
  • [1146775] implement comment collapse all and by tag
  • [1146779] add search result navigation
  • [1171818] link fields to descriptions (where appropriate)
  • [1170004] Pressing back after a bug submission error leaves the “Save Changes” button greyed out
  • [1171576] In attachment-conversion script, preserve extra, non-MozReview flags
  • [1171826] sort keywords by “starts with” then “substring”
  • [1172386] create a “feature” for the elasticsearch metrics and ensure its dependencies are tagged
  • [1171963] account/email/confirm-new.html.tmpl should describe the current password complexity setting to new user just like the forgotten password form
  • [1172649] Create New Attachment comment previews are not working due to Error: TypeError: YAHOO.util.Connect is undefined
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