happy bmo push day!

2nd Jun 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1146787] “take” buttons missing in edit mode
  • [1165866] “See Also” allows github issues but not github pull requests
  • [1169227] “Short URL” fails on any new query - I don’t get a link
  • [1169783] ‘Edit’ option shown on user context menus even if I don’t have permission to edit users
  • [1163760] Bugzilla Auth Delegation via API Keys
  • [1170007] Collapse “Tracking” section when values are set to defaults (eg “—”)
  • [1169479] 500 error when attaching patch with r? but no reviewer
  • [1169173] Empty emails for overdue requests
  • [1146771] implement comment tagging
  • [1168824] stop nagging about massively overdue requests
  • [1169418] Can’t enter space in Keyword field
  • [1169301] The REST link at the bottom of buglist.cgi does not work for saved searches as currently written
  • [1168392] Automatic watch user creation not working when editing component without prior watch user account
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