happy bmo push day!

27th May 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1168357] Unable to reset mentor in modal bug view
  • [1146782] migrate autocomplete from yui to jquery
  • [1165355] sanitizeme.pl script should remove webservice api keys from database to remove sensitive information
  • [1158010] provide a standard and simple way to render relative dates, in perl and javascript
  • [1168303] send-request-nags.pl is triggering oom on bugzillaadm.private.scl3
  • [1162854] hitting back after making an edit should keep edit mode open
  • [1164850] add preferences to request nagging watching facility (reviews only, extended period, and skip encryption)
  • [1164780] updating an attachment with pre-existing review requests shouldn’t enforce the “last logged in to bugzilla” limit
  • [1162427] the “reset assignee to default” checkbox / functionality should be visible
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