happy bmo push day!

19th May 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1146770] implement comment preview
  • [1116118] 003safesys.t shouldn’t compile all files by default
  • [1163326] implement dirty select tracking in bug-modal to address firefox refresh issue
  • [1160430] Add the ability to deactivate keywords
  • [1164863] checksetup.pl is unable to run if File::Slurp is missing
  • [908387] product/component searching should sort hits on product/component name before hits on descriptions
  • [1165741] query.cgi’s Component list should be sorted case-independent
  • [1165464] Incorrect link used for firefox help
  • [1162334] email_enabled value inverted in User.update RPC call
  • [1165917] support tbplbot@gmail.com and treeherder@bots.tld as the tbpl/treeheder bot name
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