happy bmo push day!

12th May 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1158516] Fetch MozReview data by bug instead of by attachment
  • [1162041] Update robots.txt to disallow indexing of page.cgi?id=user_activity.html in case links exist from outside BMO
  • [1161983] History navigation broken when using modal view
  • [1161567] always show the intermediate confirmation page when not using the modal view
  • [1149055] flag requestees are unable to set an attachment flag via a the update_attachment webservice if they do not have editbugs
  • [1163324] Fix copy-paste error in GitHubAuth
  • [1163007] Mozillians url issue at form.reps.mentorship
  • [1163333] Per-product default platform is set to (undefined) default_product method instead of default_platform
  • [1163575] Intermittent error prevents ProductDashboard from working
  • [1161716] Comment-creation WebService API should allow tags to be specified
  • [751862] Make it so people inactive in last 60 days can’t be asked for review and aren’t suggested
  • [1163896] summary should linkify bug numbers in modal view
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