changing the default platform and operating-system on to all / all

14th Apr 2015

bugzilla has a set of fields, “hardware” and “operating system”, that i’ll collectively call “platform” in this post. their default values are detected from the reporter’s user-agent string when a bug is created.

unfortunately on bmo, the platform fields have two distinctly different meanings: the reporter’s platform and the platform a bug applies to. for too long have these two conflicting meanings coexisted within the same field, leading to confusion and a field that on many bugs is wrong or useless.

thanks to bug 579089 we plan on making the following changes early next week:

  • each product gains the ability to set their default platform
  • the default platform for all products initially will be all / all
  • a “use my platform” action will be added to enter-bug, allowing the bug reporter to quickly change from the product’s default
  • a “from reporter” button will be visible when viewing untriaged bugs, which sets the platform to the reporter’s