happy bmo push day!

31st Mar 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1146806] “new bug” menu has literal “…” instead of a horizontal ellipsis
  • [1146360] remove the winqual bug entry form
  • [1147267] the firefox “iteration” and “points” fields are visible on all products
  • [1146886] after publishing a review with splinter, the ‘edit’ mode doesn’t work
  • [1138767] retry and/or avoid push_notify deadlocks
  • [1147550] Require a user to change their password if they log in and their current password does not meet the password complexity rules
  • [1147738] the “Rank” field label is visible when editing, even if the field itself isn’t
  • [1147740] map format=default to format=__default__
  • [1146762] honour gravatar visibility preference
  • [1146910] Button styles are inconsistent and too plentiful
  • [1146906] remove background gradient from assignee and reporter changes
  • [1125987] asking for review in a restricted bug doesn’t work as expected (“You must provide a reviewer for review requests” instead of “That user cannot access that bug” error)
  • [1149017] differentiate between the bug’s short-desc and the bug’s status summary in the header
  • [1149026] comment/activity buttons are not top-aligned
  • [1141770] merge_users.pl fails if the two accounts have accessed the same bug and is in the bug_interest table
  • [972040] For bugs filed against Trunk, automatically set ‘affected’ release-tracking flags
  • [1149233] Viewing a bug with timetracking information fails: file error - formattimeunit: not found
  • [1149390] “duplicates” are missing from the modal view
  • [1149038] renaming a tracking flag isn’t clearing a memcached cache, resulting in Can’t locate object method “cf_status_thunderbird_esr39” via package “Bugzilla::Bug” errors
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