happy bmo push day!

10th Mar 2015
  • [1138541] Updating lists on Gear Request form
  • [1137368] Allow the bug’s assignee to edit attachment fields, even if they do not have editbugs
  • [1102428] Custom field for MozReview link, with dynamic info
  • [1139939] “BadResponse: ‘Location’ header missing from 201 Created response” when commenting with bztools
  • [1140203] Component name adjustment ‘Marketplace:Pre-Installed Apps’
  • [1140966] allow cookie+api-token GET REST requests
  • [1140458] Allow API authentication with X-Headers
  • [1140234] extend review/flag_activity to allow filtering by status and bug_id
  • [1140798] Possible client side code injection in “suggested reviewers” menu.
  • [1140049] Add a note about MozReview to the Create Attachment page
  • [1140215] 3rd Party Applications Issue Form
  • [1137080] add an indicator to the user profile page if the user has canconfirm or editbugs rights
  • [1003701] add the ability for users to prevent review/feedback/needinfo requests
  • [1139749] Bugzilla shouldn’t try to write API tokens into the shadow DB
  • [1139872] The URL in bugmail microdata has the ’#’ URI encoded, causing the links to break

bugzilla now shows the status of mozreview hosted reviews:

it’s now possible to prevent review, feedback, and needinfo requests:

discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.