happy bmo push day!

10th Feb 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1129291] Gear form is returning an error
  • [1128969] ‘Clone this bug’ redirects to product selection instead of displaying context menu
  • [1124255] Need a way to find only active versions and target milestones using the API
  • [1129283] “suggested reviewers” missing, due to missing YAHOO.widget.Menu
  • [1129183] 500 internal server error with duplicate mentor field
  • [1129101] Custom integer field breaks “Change many bugs at once” functionality
  • [813630] Last resolved time is displayed in server timezone not as per user preferences
  • [1129915] Promote ‘Firefox for iOS’ to the main ‘file a bug’ page
  • [1130895] Bugzilla comment tags suggestions/autocomplete isn’t working
  • [1131036] BzAPI searches no longer working
  • [1130885] change itrequest form from mozilla.org::Server Operations to Infrastructure & Operations :: MOC: Service Requests
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