happy bmo push day!

3rd Feb 2015

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1126315] Add rewrite rule to htaccess to properly map BzAPI requests to the BzAPI compatibility extension path
  • [1100382] support jquery in the global/header template, and update the header and footer to use jquery
  • [1127282] The bug_mentor quicksearch field is impossible to guess
  • [1059419] Needinfo-ing a mentor doesnt work
  • [1045145] All authenticated WebServices methods should require username/pass, token or a valid API key for authentication
  • [1124626] Highlight the comment that was linked
  • [1106121] Create a Bugzilla form for Firefox costume requests
  • [1123769] add a “rank” field to bugzilla to track priority
  • [1050226] Offer web devs a more focused set of product/components to file bugs in
  • [1128401] user-menu down-drop arrows are miss-aligned
  • [1088082] Can’t see non-comment changes after comment #0 until comment #1 appears if using description + newest to oldest comment sorting
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