happy bmo push day!

16th Dec 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1063818] Updates to form.dev-engagement-event
  • [1111954] Updates to Spreadsheet Data in form.dev-engagement-event
  • [1092578] Decide if an email needs to be encrypted at the time it is generated, not at the time it is sent
  • [1107275] Include Build.PL file for bmo/4.2 to install Perl dependencies (useful for Travis CI, etc.)
  • [829358] Changing the name of a private attachment in an unhidden bug results in the name change being sent unencrypted
  • [1104291] The form.web.bounty page does not say it’s a bounty form
  • [1105585] Fix bug bounty form to validate its input more and relax the restriction on the paid field to include -+? suffix
  • [1105155] Indicate that an existing comment has been modified for tracking flags with prefill text
  • [1105745] changes made via the bounty form are not emailed immediately
  • [1111862] HTML code injection in review history page
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