happy bmo push day!

28th Oct 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1083790] Default version does not take into account is_active
  • [1078314] Missing links and broken unicode characters in some bugmail
  • [1072662] decrease the number of messages a jobqueue worker will process before terminating
  • [1086912] Fix BugUserLastVisit->get
  • [1062940] Please increase bmo’s alias length to match bugzilla 5.0 (40 chars instead of 20)
  • [1082113] The ComponentWatching extension should create a default watch user with a new database installation
  • [1082106] $dbh->bz_add_columns creates a foreign key constraint causing failure in checksetup.pl when it tries to re-add it later
  • [1084052] Only show “Add bounty tracking attachment” links to people who actually might do that (not everyone in core-security)
  • [1075281] bugmail filtering using “field name contains” doesn’t work correctly with flags
  • [1088711] New bugzilla users are unable to user bug templates
  • [1076746] Mentor field is missing in the email when a bug gets created
  • [1087525] fix movecomponents.pl creating duplicate rows in flag*clusions
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