happy bmo push day!

24th Sep 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1067381] Sorting by ID broken when changing multiple bugs
  • [1065398] Error when using checksetup.pl to create BMO database from scratch when Review extension enabled
  • [1064395] concatenate and slightly minify javascript files
  • [1068014] skip strptime() in datetime_from() if the date is in a standard format
  • [1054141] add the ability to filter on the user that made the change
  • [891199] clicking on needinfo flag/text should scroll you to the comment which set the flag
  • [1069504] Put My Dashboard in the drop down on the top-right
  • [1067410] Modification time wrong for deleted flags in review schema
  • [1067808] Review history page displays cancelled reviews as overdue
  • [1060728] Add perltidyrc that makes it easier to follow existing code standards to BMO repository
  • [1068328] needinfo flag shows up on attachment details page only when not doing “Edit as Comment”
  • [1037663] Make custom bug entry forms more discoverable
  • [1071926] Can’t unmentor a bug
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