we're changing the default search settings for advanced search

17th Sep 2014

at the end of this week we will change the default search settings on bugzilla.mozilla.org’s advanced search page:


the resolution DUPLICATE will no longer be selected by default - only open bugs will be searched if the resolution field is left unmodified.

this change will not impact any existing saved searches or queries.

DUPLICATE has been a part of our default query for as long as i can remember, and was included to accommodate using that form to search for existing bugs.

since the addition of “possible duplicates” to the bug creation workflow, the importance of searching duplicates has lessened, and returning duplicates by default to advanced users is more of a hindrance than a help. the data reflects this - the logs indicate that over august less than 4% of advanced queries included DUPLICATE as a resolution.

this change is being tracked in bug 1068648.