happy bmo push day!

15th Jul 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1029500] bug.attachments shouldn’t include attachment data by default
  • [1032323] canonicalise_query() should omit parameters with empty values so generated URLs are shorter
  • [1027114] When sending error to Sentry for webservice failures, we need to first scrub the username/login/password from the query string
  • [1026586] Using Fira as default font in Bugzilla
  • [1027182] merge-users.pl - SQL to remove bug_user_last_visit not correct
  • [1036268] REST webservice should return http/404 for invalid methods
  • [1027025] comment.creator has no real_name
  • [1036795] comment.raw_text is returned by the bzapi compatibility extension
  • [1036225] Return a link to the REST documentation in “method not found” errors
  • [1036301] change the description of the “bug id” field on bugmail filtering preferences tab to “new bug”
  • [1028269] Firefox OS Pre-load App Info Request Form
  • [1036303] add a list of tracking/project/etc tracking flags to the bugmail filtering prefs page
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