happy bmo push day!

17th Jun 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [849102] mydashboard should lazy-load the ‘last change’ information
  • [962424] jobqueue’s worker process should process messages in batches
  • [978146] activity entry when setting flags isn’t split across multiple rows
  • [1015994] attachment.cgi titles should include bug and/or attachment text
  • [960830] Update Brand Engagement Initiation Form
  • [1023633] Add a webservice_before_call Hook
  • [1022923] Add index to bug_user_last_visit.last_visit_ts
  • [956892] collapsed comments should display tags to indicate the reason for auto-collapsing
  • [880669] Extend current BzAPI BMO extension to contain compatibility changes on top of native rest
  • [649691] Add a “mentor” and “mentored bug type” field to bmo
after a herculean effort by dkl, this week’s update brings native bzapi support to bugzilla’s production infrastructure. bzapi operates as a proxy server external to bugzilla, developed and operated by gerv. it is a reflection of gerv’s commitment and abilities that bzapi is by far the primary api which mozilians use to interface with bzapi. moving bzapi into bugzilla itself should improve performance and stability.

the plan with regards to migration is to continue to run the current bzapi proxy server until we’re happy with this code. at that point we’ll redirect bzapi calls made against the api-dev endpoint to the new endpoint.

please help us test this by changing your endpoints from https://api-dev.bugzilla.mozilla.org/latest/ to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/bzapi/

eg. old: https://api-dev.bugzilla.mozilla.org/latest/bug/880669 new: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/bzapi/bug/880669

if you find any issues don’t hesitate to file bugs in the bzapi-compatibility component.

discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.