happy bmo push day!

10th Jun 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1020425] Typo in “Updated since last visit” part of My Dashboard
  • [1018811] updated account name not reflected in “Reported” field of bugs
  • [1019747] New user story field in Tracking product is getting copied from Description, not User Story when cloning
  • [1020708] Copyright header missing from Bugzilla::BugUserLastVisit
  • [1016273] Bugzilla whine emails missing change to From header made by bug 1010751
  • [1020023] update a user’s last-visited timestamp for a bug when they perform any actions on it
  • [720832] Add the ability to watch component starting with a string
  • [1022500] cloning a firefox tracking flags throws “The component named ‘Template::Document=HASH(0x7f7ffacdb4c8)’ does not exist. 
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