happy bmo push day!

27th May 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1013953] Update the researchers.html.tmpl page to link to mhoye automated sanitized database dumps
  • [993223] Notify Review Board when a bug is made confidential
  • [1003950] automatically disable accounts based on the number of comments tagged as “abusive”
  • [1014374] concatenate and slightly minify css files
  • [1013760] Add “secure mail” metadata to email headers
  • [1009216] Add link to a wiki page describing common whiteboard tags
  • [1015290] Fix typo on Reps Mentorship Form
  • [1003386] Create new “Mozilla Foundation Operations” product
  • [1013788] it’s possible to get bugzilla to redirect to any url by setting the content-type of an attachment after uploading it
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