happy bmo push day!

23rd Apr 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [994570] unable to create an attachment with review+ : “You must provide a reviewer for review requests”
  • [994540] “details” link in overdue requests email links to attachment content instead of details page
  • [993940] Group icons should be displayed for indirect memberships, too
  • [993913] remove the %user_cache from inline history, and ensure the object cache is always used
  • [998236] Privacy policy url has changed
  • [968576] Dangerous control characters allowed in Bugzilla text
  • [997281] New QuickSearch operators can short-circuit each other depending on which ones are tested first
  • [993894] the database query in bless_groups is slow
  • [936509] Automatically disable accounts based on the number of comments tagged as spam
  • [998017] Internal error: “Not an ARRAY reference” when using the summarize time feature
  • [999734] User email addresses are publicly visible in profile titles
  • [993910] Bugzilla/Search/Saved.pm:294 isn’t using the cache
  • [998323] URLs pasted in comments are no longer displayed
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