happy bmo push day!

20th Feb 2014

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [972349] comment preview is in an incorrect location when creating a bug using the advanced bug entry form, sandstone skin, and a wide window.
  • [972982] Enable “user-story” editing for Talkilla product
  • [966676] The ‘sudo’ cookie should not be accessible from JavaScript
  • [973582] Don’t link “UUID <id>” to crash-stats
  • [785565] Search by change history between two dates doesn’t give expected result
  • [973766] user profile should count reviewboard url attachments as patches
  • [963195] Need field added on gear/budget request form to designate if this is a Firefox Student Ambassador event
  • [971004] Bugzilla form for Community IT Requests
  • [941671] Rename “mozilla-corporation-confidential” to “mozilla-employee-confidential” and update membership accordingly
  • [974393] comment tag link is collapsing all comments including those with the tag
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