posted 20 jan 2014

« renaming mozilla-corporation-confidential to mozilla-employee-confidential

in the early days of bugzilla.mozilla.org there were three bugzilla security groups which covered all mozilla employees: mozilla-corporation-confidential (mozilla corporation employees), mozilla-foundation-confidential (mozilla foundation employees), and mozilla-confidential (both corporation and foundation). as is the way, things change. the mozilla-confidential group got deprecated and eventually disabled. mozilla-corporation-confidential's usage within bugzilla has expanded and is now the default security group for a large number of products. mozilla itself has made efforts to remove the distinction between the foundation and the corporation.

this has resulted in bugs which should be visible to all employees but were not (see bug 941671).

late on wednesday the 19th of feburary we will be renaming the mozilla-corporation-confidential group to mozilla-employee-confidential, and will update the group's membership to include mozilla foundation staff.

  • if you are a bugzilla user (mozilla staff or otherwise), no action is required.
  • if you maintain a system which interfaces with bugzilla, an update may be required to adapt to the new name.
discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.

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