happy bmo push day!

20th Nov 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [938763] Ember.show no longer works since the bug_check_can_change_field hook added to TrackingFlags ext
  • [939093] Unclosed <a> or misplaced code in “QA Contact: (edit) (take)”
  • [932034] Ember.show API doesn’t return can_edit property for dupe_of, blocks, and depends on fields
  • [939289] Ember.show API isn’t returning field or attachment changes properly when last_updated field is provided
  • [939717] do not normalise email addresses for gravatar
  • [937180] creation_ts of bugs and attachments always at 0 seconds in API calls
  • [936241] Bug.create doesn’t allow tracking flags to be set, but Bug.update does
  • [939844] seconds are no longer shown on a comment’s time
  • [935570] create an anti-spam extension
  • [929345] bug history/activity shouldn’t collapse multi-line values to a single line
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