nightly reminders of outstanding review/feedback/needinfo requests

30th Oct 2013

a new system to remind you of your outstanding review/feedback/needinfo requests has just gone live on


nightly reminders:

the ability to defer individual reminders for up to 7 days:

the ability for managers to watch all of their reports:

the finer details, from bug 892615:

  • replaces the current RequestWhiner extension
  • per product configuration of nagging frequency
    • defaults to 7 days to match request whiner
    • can be set to 0 to disable reminders for that product
  • all review and feedback requests are included
  • needinfo requests are only included if the requestee has editbugs
  • adds user preference to allow requestee to opt-out
  • reminder email’s subject contains summary of flags
    • [Bugzilla] Your Outstanding Requests (14 review, 1 feedback, 1 needinfo)
  • requester is included
  • age of request in email is relative
    • last week” / “several months ago” / 
  • includes links to opt-out
  • adds ability to defer a reminder
  • separate page, only linked from the reminder emails
  • maximum of 7 days deferral
  • adds ability to watch reminders for users
  • single email with a report of all users watched
  • includes users who opt-out
  • no restrictions on who can watch, or on who you can watch
  • includes an indicator if the requestee has deferred the reminder
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