happy bmo push day!

24th Oct 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [925780] Bug.get should include the name for reporter, assigned_to and qa_contact
  • [924572] Webservice Product.get should include flag_types information
  • [924572] In Product.get, include_fields => [’components’] no longer returns data about components
  • [928092] OS Autodetection when filing a bug from Windows 8.1 falls back to Windows NT
  • [922684] Add ability to perform quicksearch using Bug.search
  • [913075] Change the Bugzilla Product Name of BootToGecko to Firefox OS
  • [928387] InlineHistory “marked as a duplicate” detection too eager
  • [895687] The product tracking team would like a way to have a clear definition of a user story in a bug
  • [924144] Add account creation date to user profile
  • [930117] IT request page is broken
  • [930366] detection of github PRs not working with trailing ’/’ in urls
  • [930013] fall back to the bug’s current delta_ts when validating a token if one is not provided to process_bug.cgi
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