github pull requests and bugzilla

21st Oct 2013

we recently pushed a small change to to make things slightly easier for teams using bugzilla to track github pull requests. when an attachment contains just a github pull request url, bugzilla will redirect to that url when the attachment is viewed.

the easiest way to do this is to use paste text as attachment:

create attachment 1

paste the url, provide a description, and ensure patch is not checked.

attachment sample

after you submit the attachment, bugzilla will change the content-type to x-github-pullrequest. clicking on the attachment will redirect you to github.


  • currently only github pull requests are supported
  • the attachment content cannot contain anything other than the url
  • any existing text/plain github pull request attachments should already have their content-type adjusted
  • html files with a meta-redirect to github have not been altered, nor will they trigger bugzilla’s redirection mechanism