happy bmo push day!

19th Sep 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [912460] Header covers content on large font size or narrow browser window
  • [915823] Custom fields being returned in Ember.show response that don’t display in normal Bugzilla interface
  • [909442] Create a new webservice called User.valid_login that will verify if a cookie or login token is valid for the current user
  • [916656] release tracking flag refresh (27)
  • [907167] Bugzilla Sandstone Skin: The moz_login dropdown collapses when I move over its entries
  • [916702] tracking flags “copy” doesn’t copy, it edits
  • [916703] password fields need to be styled like all other text fields
  • [917157] the “creation_time” parameter to Bug.search incorrectly uses the “equals” operator
  • [916889] Bug.attachment webservice calls should return the size of the attachment
  • [901122] Create custom entry form for dev-events requests
  • [902457] Remove ‘Include Closed’ from MyDashboard (show all requests regardless of a bug’s status)
  • [916935] Add Access-Control-Allow-Headers to REST API to indicate which HTTP headers can be used when making the request
  • [916955] Ember.show API doesn’t error if an invalid token is provided
  • [917427] Please allow release tracking flags to be set on bugs in the www.mozilla.org product
  • [915856] Comment field’s `name` should be `comment` in Ember.show response
  • [917577] needinfo? to reporter or assignee should show from whom it’s going to needinfo?
  • [917683] comment text still too small in gmail
  • [917203] tracking flags with flag_type of “status” is unclear
  • [877545] quicksearch shouldn’t treat apostrophes as quote characters
  • [804990] very long data urls break inline history
  • [916979] Bug.search ignores the “limit” parameter
  • [910728] User Engagement Project initiation form that generates a bug by default
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