happy bmo push day!

11th Sep 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [911545] Fetching a non-public bug via XML fails due to TrackingFlags extension
  • [909843] trackingflags do not support “Can be set on bug creation”
  • [912036] all <input> text elements should be styled the same
  • [912232] Show tracking flag bug counts in tracking flag list as well as on the edit page
  • [898830] Improve loading of show_bug.cgi
  • [912529] bug id field for tagging bugs not auto-filled with bug id after changing a bug
  • [477601] Adapt Bug.search to use Search.pm improve bug searching in the webservices
  • [912479] merge-users.pl causes foreign key constraint errors in the user-profile tables
  • [913208] Allow deleting of tracking flags that do not have bug values set but have activity entries in bugs_activity
  • [912546] page title is no longer displayed in the header
  • [912564] tbpl gets deadlocks setting last_activity_ts (Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction [for Statement “UPDATE profiles SET last_activity_ts = ? WHERE userid = ?”])
  • [912540] the push extension alters the flag_end_of_update hook’s args for all extensions not just itself
  • [914196] Documentation for User.login should state cookies not used for JSONRPC and REST when making future connections
  • [848063] [Oracle] importxml.pl fails with ORA-01830: comment timestamps are not correctly formatted
  • [904988] create an ember extension with bespoke methods