[a-team] conversations with face

28th Aug 2013

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

[17:25] * face can be more verbose if desired
[17:25] <mcote> face: please do
[17:25] * face felt odd being the only releng person who uses windows at the work-week
[17:26] <Callek> face: you too?
[17:26] * Callek smiles
[17:26] * face is sure he has sucker painted on his forehead
[17:26] <Callek> hahahahaha
[17:26] <mihneadb> LOL
[17:27] <dminor> face++
[17:27] <face> dminor, thanks!