happy bmo push day!

26th Aug 2013

over the weekend, the following changes were pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [906576] the font size in splinter is too small
  • [907285] Background repeats in new sandstone theme
  • [900930] Splinter shouldn’t choke on patches which have had trailing whitespace removed
  • [907567] “My Dashboard” is mostly empty when starting up in app tab
  • [907245] Allow for URL params to also be passed with POST/PUT REST API requests
  • [907976] Comment header should have default line-height, vertical-align set
  • [908197] do not tag stylesheets as “alternative”
  • [903387] profiles table needs a “last seen” column
  • [908694] Create Tracking :: Firefox Sync and add “Milestone” values
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