happy bmo push day!

13th Aug 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [896320] increase the visibility of review suggestions (report, webservice)
  • [901043] add release tracking flags to Snippets product
  • [896605] Updates to Gear Request Form
  • [900652] Put needinfo into the UI for new Bugzilla users
  • [898244] Move RelEng components to new top level product… and rename
  • [902623] show the count of pending reviews next to suggested reviewers
  • [902681] Add the “Ignore all bugmail for this bug” field to the bug creation form as a hidden field
  • [902960] add the ability to show a normal buglist from the dashboard tables
  • [569177] Add support for eTag for WebServices
  • [902590] Improve CSS on show_bug for the Sandstone skin
  • [902931] Mozilla theme should have white background in diff view
  • [897029] Preload bug permissions when calling Bug.get to improve performance
  • [902212] tidy up active_custom usage in TrackingFlags
  • [894878] CSV output template for request queues has gone away
  • [880653] Add POD for Bug.possible_duplicates webservice
  • [901620] Grammar error in the documentation
  • [897264] letters_numbers_specialchars password restriction is incorrect
  • [904249] Update graphic banner for form