happy bmo push day!

1st Aug 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [898259] Cache filter_wants
  • [897473] exclude users from the review suggestions list who have “unavailable” or “PTO” in their real name
  • [886229] Style text, select and multi-select boxes, and submit Search buttons
  • [899076] Can’t call method “product” on an undefined value at /data/www/bugzilla.mozilla.org/extensions/TrackingFlags/Extension.pm line 71.
  • [899103] Add AddOutputFilterByType to .htaccess to enable gzip encoding for application/json and application/javascript type responses
  • [899323] Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /data/www/bugzilla.mozilla.org/extensions/Needinfo/Extension.pm line 154.
  • [891457] FirefoxOS Dogfooding form
  • [899627] Set X-Bugzilla-Type to dep_changed for ‘dependency changed” bugmail
  • [896330] patchreader should not set the “expires” header
  • [899974] Patch checkbox gets unchecked when picking a patch
  • [781672] checksetup.pl fails to check the version of the latest Apache2::SizeLimit release