happy bmo push day!

16th May 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [868044] Bugzilla should be automagically aware of which product channel a bug-filer is using.
  • [815531] splinter fails to display attachment 681995 correctly
  • [869077] Component isn’t preselected from the query_string when cloning a bug
  • [850135] hide the textarea custom fields by default with an (edit) link
  • [866447] Make form.doc set up whiteboard for scrumbu.gs
  • [871436] release tracking flag refresh (24)
  • [870907] Project Kickoff Form: javascript responsible for checking for required values not working
  • [828344] “contains all of the words” no longer looks for all words within the same comment or flag
  • [872022] don’t link a review flag to splinter unless the attachment is a patch
  • [841559] Project Kickoff Form: Simplify finance question regrading budget
  • [850920] Project Kickoff Form: Add new question to Legal subsection area
  • [841449] Project Kickoff Form: New Question within Finance Sub Questions
  • [850934] Project Kickoff Form: Make Release Date a Required Field
  • [850932] Project Kickoff Form: Rework Privacy Policy/Project sub questions
  • [826214] New file with one line isn’t shown
  • [797840] Replying to a comment on Splinter always replies to the first comment
  • [821889] Make it so that Splinter shouts loudly when a patch introduces Windows line endings