happy bmo push day!

9th May 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [869025] create a report to sanity check product’s default security group
  • [869220] SecureMail message when no key is set doesn’t seem to be grammatically correct.
  • [869261] In the bug entry form the default security group should be displayed to let user know which group will be set
  • [863686] “Congratulations” email received for first approval+ instead of first review+
  • [652334] splinter doesn’t support hg/git ‘rename’ or ’copy’
  • [695662] splinter doesn’t support bzr rename
  • [709897] splinter doesn’t like hg diffs where a file was copied and then modified
  • [685645] make it clearer in splinter that a hunk’s section/function header is not a removal
  • [870109] Project Kickoff Form: Doesn’t create Security Review bugs