happy bmo push day!

6th May 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [866807] [sentry] “use of uninitialized values” warnings in quicksearch
  • [866805] [sentry] “Unicode character 0xfffe is illegal” warnings
  • [866806] [sentry] Lost connection to MySQL server during query
  • [867399] [sentry] “use of uninitialized values” warnings in quicksearch
  • [858909] [Oracle] When running checksetup.pl for the first time using Oracle as DB server, you get an “uninitialized value” warning
  • [848635] Old queries based on tags are no longer listed in the page footer by default when upgrading from 4.0 or older to 4.2
  • [867207] make the “Internet Public Policy” custom form the default for bugs, with a link to the standard bug entry form
  • [867520] guided bug entry doesn’t honour the default bug format
  • [867177] Backport bug 745533to bmo/4.2 to add index to audit_log table
  • [848382] The background of attachment fields is dark gray in the Mozilla theme
  • [865686] Add new Bugzilla product under “Other” called “Developer Ecosystem”
  • [866248] Add DATE type for custom fields
  • [859118] Bug.search called with no arguments returns all visible bugs, ignoring max_search_results and search_allow_no_criteria
  • [212471] Tabular reports do not link bug counts involving the empty resolution correctly
  • [825886] When moving bugs from one product to another, I should be able to keep a security bug private across groups that I’m not a member of
  • [868915] guided bug entry’s guided_products.js throws ISE when a product is missing