happy bmo push day!

24th Apr 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [860723] Custom fields are shown twice in report axis selectors
  • [861528] $user->can_enter_product() now returns the product object instead of 1
  • [782210] If a custom field depends on a product, component or classification, the “mandatory” bit is ignored on bug creation
  • [858911] Oracle fails with “ORA-04043: object T_GROUP_CONCAT does not exist” when installing Bugzilla for the first time
  • [855549] Project Kickoff Form: Dependent bugs weren’t created from form
  • [859315] lots of “Lock wait timeout exceeded” errors when updating cf_crash_signature
  • [750170] switch from arecibo to sentry for error reporting
  • [841633] Project Kickoff Form: CC sub-bug owners into main project tracker bug
  • [841440] Project Kickoff Form: Remove Several Questions
  • [864499] adding “due date” to the Marketing Product.
  • [864200] use text/plain mime type for attachments with a .lang extension
  • [828344] “contains all of the words” no longer looks for all words within the same comment or flag
  • [864304] Requesting needinfo from more than one person is annoying
  • [715148] Increase the attachment size limit to 10meg
  • [859534] “Find product” field at BMO/describecomponents.cgi?full=1 can’t find “bugzilla.mozilla.org :: User Interface”
  • [853483] Triage report times out on Firefox (Any) query