happy bmo push day!

11th Apr 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [855846] sanitizeme.pl should disable email for all users as well as filter the email address
  • [852750] Flags requested of me, shows only requested flags in non-restricted bugs
  • [856869] New Product: Firefox Health Report
  • [853892] “Internet Public Policy” new bug form
  • [793958] Need a Bugzilla Swag Request Form Deleted
  • [855549] Project Kickoff Form: Dependent bugs weren’t created from form
  • [859598] Autocomplete suggests inactive/disabled accounts as matches
  • [859313] lots of “Lock wait timeout exceeded” errors when updating TagNewUser’s comment_count
  • [859480] Ability to ignore specific bugs (not get email from them, even as the reporter)
  • [852279] Bug pages no longer added to bfcache due to unload listener on Window
  • [859406] syncmsandversions.pl doesn’t copy the isactive field
  • [859206] bugzilla etiquette should direct people to ask #bmo to take action
  • [850723] saved searches on my dashboard disappear from time to time
  • [855258] The dependency graph always uses urlbase, even when sslbase is in use
  • [857562] ajax_user_autocompletion param ignored on Search by People fields
  • [355620] Lines enclosed in <simplelist> do not wrap in the PDF version of the Bugzilla Guide
i’d like to draw attention to dkl’s work on bug 148564 - you can now tell bugzilla to never email you about specific bugs, even if you’re the reporter:

ignore bugmail