happy bmo push day!

4th Apr 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [850639] the dependency graph should have an upper limit on the number of nodes it attempts to graph
  • [856110] Add a review link to the dashboard for review attachment flags
  • [856706] Please update metrics permissions / BMO grant script
  • [855656] Hide/disable the tracking-thunderbird-esr10 flags
  • [855626] release tracking flag refresh (23)
  • [856936] Update Mozilla Project Review form to use the sec-review? flag instead of the sec-review-needed keyword
  • [853886] New “Internet Public Policy” product and components
  • [856869] New Product: Firefox Health Report
  • [724048] Instant search doesn’t work in Fennec Native product
  • [852560] Bugzilla cannot be installed with MySQL 5.6, because the have_innodb variable no longer exists (“InnoDB is disabled in your MySQL installation”)
  • [854074] Remove all references to the uwinnipeg.ca PPM repository as it is no longer available