happy bmo push day!

14th Mar 2013

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [848714] Tab links contain &
  • [848927] ProductDashboard page for a product only shows unresolved bugs in Priority section, but the “link” to that list shows all bugs
  • [841202] Refactor code in current MozProjectReview extension to be less complex and more maintainable
  • [848250] bug summary tooltip now includes “—” for unresolved bugs
  • [848232] dashboard should not say “0 bugs found” if query hasn’t completed yet
  • [849535] Some of the field documentation has disappeared
  • [849721] high memory consumption on scl3 bmo webheads
  • [849024] Adding a comment to a bug causes an internal error
  • [839357] bugmail syslog logging is throwing “Wide character in syswrite”
  • [837878] Display product and component info in show_bug.cgi
  • [850146] describecomponents.cgi does not use fragment identifier, only colors the entry with green
  • [850543] remove the link to input.m.o/ideas from the guided form (link to input.m.o/sad instead)
  • [850429] Searching on Due Date Is Empty does not work anymore
  • [850309] Cannot submit patches by pasting text
  • [850546] URL manipulation/spoofing attacks or spoofing issue in 404 page.
  • [850126] token id defined twice on logged out pages