bugzilla.mozilla.org upgraded to v4.2

14th Mar 2013

highlights from the bugzilla 4.2 upgrade:

changes to bugzilla search

bugzilla’s searching mechanics got a complete rewrite between 4.0 and 4.2. see this blog post for more details.


david lawrence [:dkl] has worked hard on bringing user and product dashboards to bmo, and has done an amazing job.

create attachments from the clipboard

you can now create attachments by pasting content into a text field.

restricted commenting

some bug reports are inundated with comments that make it difficult for developers to conduct technical discussions. restricting comments provides the ability for users in the editusers group to prevent users who are not in the editbugs from making additional comments.


  • restrictions may be applied to bugs which are subject to high volumes of off topic comments, or bugs which contain high volumes of violations of bugzilla etiquette guidelines.
  • restrictions should not be used as a preemptive measure against comments which have not yet occurred.
  • restrictions should not be used to privilege editbugs users over other users in valid disputes/discussions.
  • users who are not in the editbugs group will not be able to comment on the bug, nor will they be able to change the value of any field.
  • all users will still be able to CC themselves to the bug.
  • all users will still be able to vote for the bug.