happy bmo push day!

11th Dec 2012

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [816522] disable the ShadowBugs extension
  • [816706] Add the “Crash Signature” field to the Boot2Gecko product
  • [797226] A-dependent-bug-changed bugmail on an un-hidden bug sometimes exposes the unobscured summary of a dependent hidden bug
  • [417756] An option to get Product/Component in email subject/body
  • [816266] Bug alias should be present in bug’s <title>
  • [816333] Bug IDs in the “Change Votes” page are no longer linkified
  • [817150] Project Kickoff Form: File All Bugs with “Confidential Mozilla Corporation Bug”
  • [816349] Project Kickoff Form: Make “Release Date” Field Optional
  • [816351] Project Kickoff Form: Update Finance Question
  • [817216] Project Kickoff Form: Revise explanation re Separate Party
  • [816352] Project Kickoff Form: Add New Option to the “Type of Relationship” dropdown
  • [817157] Project Kickoff Form: Change “Current Goal” to drop down list
  • [640756] Make the documentation clearer that attachments created with Bug.add_attachment must be of type ’base64’
  • [579189] New methods added to Bugzilla/User.pm by bug 24896 have no POD
  • [819480] Make Seamonkey guided entry bugs search MailNewsCore too
  • [786777] Review request for read-only access to Bugzilla production Databases
  • [819589] change the sort order of bugzilla products when component searching for mozilla employees