happy bmo push day!

28th Nov 2012

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [791035] Cookie lifetime should extend beyond session when authenticated via Persona login
  • [812959] Add text to the enter_bug page when the Bugzilla product is selected referring to the bugzilla.mozilla.org product for site-specific issues
  • [812912] Clarify whether P1 is higher priority than P5 or vice-verse
  • [813861] needinfo is sending duplicate request emails when the flag is cleared
  • [791709] Update bugzilla OrangeFactor extension to use keywords=intermittent-failure rather than whiteboard=[orange]
  • [814574] movebugs.pl script should validate flags
  • [815112] Bug history mis-states which field was changed after script mass changed whiteboard=[orange] to keyword
  • [814411] Add a caching mechanism to Bugzilla::Object to avoid querying the database repeatedly for the same information