bugzilla.mozilla.org integration best practices

8th Oct 2012

an excerpt from https://wiki.mozilla.org/BMO/Integration_Best_Practice

  • Do not poll more frequently than every 5 minutes
    • Seriously, you don’t need to poll every minute
  • Ask for bugs updated since your last poll, or track a bug’s last modified date
    • If your system is polling for bugs, you should ask BMO for bugs updated since your last poll
    • The chfieldfrom argument will accept times as well as dates (eg. “2012-10-08 01:30”)
    • Search results generally return a bug’s last-modified date; there’s no need to re-request the bug if it hasn’t been modified since the last time you saw it
  • Only request the fields that you are interested in
    • By default all APIs return more information than you probably require - use the include_fields parameter to specify the exact fields you need (BzAPI)(XMLRPC/JSONRPC)
    • When searching with BzAPI, avoid specifying non-bold columns if you can avoid it, because it’ll be slower and user server-side resources
  • Coalesce queries where possible
    • If you have multiple bugs, components, etc to query, it can be more efficient issue a single request rather than iterating over your list and issuing multiple requests