happy bmo push day!

6th Sep 2012

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [786691] Do not display the (more flags) link to logged out users as they cannot set any flag
  • [785470] Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection
  • [788013] Wrong redirection to Upgrade Permissions in Not allowed error
  • [773327] Add a new footer to bugmail content that shows current tracking flag values
  • [784578] Change whine emails from hiding secure bug information to encrypting the mail
  • [675171] standardize font weight for field labels
  • [69447] Make CC changes not cause midairs
  • [749540] frequent database deadlocks when deleting recent searches
  • [788370] Change cf_locale field visibility from using bugzilla’s native controls to BMO extension’s (
  • [726353] Add a default requestee to flags
  • [706680] Integrate the orange factor link and graph with BMO’s bug view page
  • [788649] Add email header for OS (X-Bugzilla-OS)
  • [788934] HTML bugmail shows wrong bug number for dependency
note: orange factor integration is available, but defaults to off. use preferences to enable it.